Chip Currey

30-something aspiring renaissance man living in Carlsbad, CA with my wife, son, and daughter.

I have a diverse business and skill background that allows me freedom in tackling different projects, which I prefer to involve a passionate pursuit.

For the last 5 years I have focused on leading teams to implement software systems for quality assurance in regulated industries – some pharma and a lot of med device.

Here are some things I am working on:

I am currently Lead Designer at FreeQMS

FreeQMS is a web-based electronic quality management system that offers a mix of free and subscription modules. I believe FreeQMS can dramatically reduce cost-of-quality. It brings several innovations to a somewhat stagnant industry.

I create the customer-focused workflows, lead UI/UX design, and lead validation.

I manage Biotech Software Development and Validation Engineering at Immune. We primarily work with Oracle Agile, QCBD, and FreeQMS (see above) but have had success with MasterControl and ETQ.

I lead teams that do end-to-end EQMS implementations. This includes forecasting, initial server setup, electronic process creation and customization, data imports, validation, roll-out, and user training. I am fortunate to deal with so many different companies that I feel comfortable recommending new or improved QMS components to companies looking for improvements (for example the creation of an electronic CAPA review board). My work portfolio includes many thousands of pages of authored procedures, validations, work instructions, and training documents.

Here are some fun things I do on the side:

I wrote Business of the Millennium a book that leverages my experiences in setting up businesses in multiple industries through guerrilla marketing. It is available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback.

I have completed several complete/frame-off auto restorations with my dad where we do every aspect of the build – most recently a resto-mod, LS6-powered, coilover, disc brake, pro touring 67 GTO.